About Frieda

Omi1982_webFrieda Endress was my grandmother. She was also my hero. As the posts in this blog show, she led a very difficult life. She survived many hardships and encountered very little joy. Yet she always persevered and she made it through. She raised me and was a strict, but loving parent to me throughout my childhood. Perhaps even a bit over protective, but after what she’d experienced in her life, I honestly can’t blame her.

Our relationship evolved over time and by the time I was an adult, we had become best friends. We would spend weekends at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL, which was a 2 hour trek for us, each way (with 2 buses and a train, since we didn’t own a car).

I always take strength in the memory of the stories she told me of her life. No matter how bad my life has gotten, it’s never come close to what she had to endure. I know that if she was able to get through all that, I can get through whatever adversities I am currently dealing with as well.

I cherish my memories of my Omi and I just wanted to share her tragic story with the world.