French Occupation (World War I)

French Soldiers, World War IFrieda was only a young child when the war began. Her recollections of the early parts of that war are blurred and sketchy.

What she recalls most vividly was the occupation of Frankfurt am Main by French soldiers. One group of them took over her family home, they slept in her family’s beds, while she, her parents, and siblings were forced to wait on them hand and foot and sleep on the cold bare floors.

She recalls the lice they brought into the house and the lye her mother used to try and get them out of her long hair, which burnt her scalp. Thankfully she was far too young for any of the soldiers to molest her, however she fears to think what they may have done to her mother. She can’t recall and doesn’t want to try.

This occupation felt like it went on for years, although it may have only been a few months. There was much relief when the soldiers finally went back to France and left her family home, which felt much less cramped than it ever had before.

Frieda Written by:

Frieda was a woman born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1910. She suffered many tragedies in her life and still managed to over come them. These are her stories.

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